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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: tragedy on the roadways. that's the story we start out with. a wrong-way crash kills two on i-71 overnight. all lanes now back open, but we have the latest on how this deadly crash occurred. >> brian: they were still wrapping up the results about an hour and 15 minutes ago, but hillary clinton wins the closest democratic vote in iowa caucus history, while the republican results were a little more clear-cut. >> tia: it is a full-out party.
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right now. the groundhog house band. this is a live look at punxsutawney, pennsylvania where the party has started and the wait is on. will phil predict an early spring? i told you it was going down. i mean, it's a full-fledged morning. >> brian: sam is just dying over here, because she wants to go so bad. >> tia: i know. >> brian: we have a crew in marion this morning where buckeye chuck will make his prediction, too. february 2nd. thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. a major winter storm is affecting states from nebraska all the way to wisconsin. this is video as that storm moved through the grand canyon. the good news is this storm will only bring rain to northeast ohio. sam roberts will tell us how much rain. what's the prediction that it will be 51 today? >> samantha: yeah, 51.
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it's going to be a really nice day. of course, we do have rain in the forecast. we've been talking about this since last week. that was your first alert that way. i want to show you the culprit. oh, my goodness. look at all that snow. nebraska, kansas, it's just a mess out there. iowa dealing with the snow, and even some ice. then you go a little farther to the south, and that's where the air is warmer. so we have rain in places like st. louis, kansas city, and here at home, well, there's a whole lot of nothing going on. it's beautiful outside. we have a clean scan on doppler radar. it is chilly out there right now. it does feel like february. we're in the 20s, but later today great weather. that comfort index today is a 9 out of 10. the temperature above average. no rain in the forecast during the day. it's not until tonight. it will be a little breezy, but we get some sunshine in, and for
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not get much better than this. we'll talk about the extended forecast and, of course, we'll talk about tonight's chance for showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms coming up in a few minutes. laura. >> laura: let's talk about our roads, and we are clear all across the area. so early morning commute, 6:03 right now. i-480 at route 237 looks perfect. if you swing towards the airport from any direction, all highways are free and open. that accident on i-71 southbound right about west 140th street has since cleared away. commutes. across the wide map there, i don't see slowdowns to speak of. let's take the ride up 71 past the airport over 480 through the linndale area through brooklyn by the steelyard. it's an easy morning commute out there all the way into downtown. mentor to cleveland right now, 28-minute ride, 18 minutes from
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abbing kron to cleveland at 37 minutes. we look at the commute if about 10 minutes. we finished second, and i'm really honored. >> brian: that's trump, and he's been the republican front-runner for months, but voters in iowa proved the polls wrong and they pick ted cruz over donald trump. cruz wins with 28% of the vote. trump only 24%. >> tia: the decision much tighter for the democratic side. the results finalized about two hours ago. hillary clinton edges out bernie sander by .4 of a percentage point. that's really tight. q. mccray joins us now. mixed reaction out of iowa this morning. >> q.: that's for sure. ted cruz appears confident about his chances now, while donald trump still feels like he will be the eventual nominee on the republican side. now, on the democratic side, hillary clinton may have technically won the vote, but
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near tie as a victory. >> and while the results are still not complete, it looks like we'll have about half of the iowa delegates. >> i am honored to stand in the long line of american reformers who make up our minds that the status quo is not good enough. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination, and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> q.: marco rubio finished just behind donald trump. which was better than most expected. the republican race is a lot tighter than we all thought. if hillary clinton expects to bounce back, she has her work cut out for her. that's because bernie sanders leads considerably in all the polls this morning.
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february 9th. brian. >> brian: ohio governor john kasich only received 2% of the iowa vote. mr. kasich really has to get some traction here soon. look for him to have a strong run at the new hampshire delegates. stay with us for continuing coverage, and remember, you can find more on the campaign for 2016 on >> tia: two workers for the ohio attorney general's office has resigned over a scandal. there's not a lot of information with this just yet, but we know the two workers quit after the office started to look into a recent incident. somehow the macedonia police are also involved with this. check back with the cleveland 19 mobile app or on develop. police have two men in custody in connection with an armed robbery the athe great northern mall last week. this is montay donte mallory williams. he verndzed to cleveland police.
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kitchens, was arrested by euclid wickliffe. multiple charges are pending. >> brian: i don't buy the whole cleveland curse thing, but if you do this could be the end of it. he had. it sold for $1 million in wade country club. he's public enemy number one after moving the browns to baltimore and renames them the ravens after the 1995 season. >> tia: who bought the house? >> brian: they're not saying. it's been on the market forever, obviously. beautiful house. i've seen it before. i wouldn't -- if you get a good deal on it. a million bucks srnts a lot of money, but whether you see what you get there, it is a lot of money. >> tia: probably below market value. >> brian: that's what i'm trying to spit out, tia. thank you very much. >> tia: that's okay. got to help you out.
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it's an american tradition. we put the fate of our future forecast always in sam's hands but today we listen to the groundhog. >> tia: here are live pictures in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. gobbler's knob where in an hour we find out if phil sees his spring. >> brian: we don't need a pennsylvania whistle pig to tell us that. nichole vrsansky has a live report from marion where we're waiting for the forecast from buckeye chuck. let's check in with the real meteorologist around here, sam roberts. >> samantha: i don't know, guys. he looks pretty legit. morning drive forecast, we're in the 20s. it's a beautiful morning. that weather will not impact your commute, your morning commute, that is. we might have a little rain later today.
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>> brian: good morning. 6:12, and it's february 2nd and that means it's national groundhog day. while america's favorite marmot -- >> are we doing this all morning long? what did we call it before? >> marmot. we called it a whistle pig before. we have that going on this morning for you. here in ohio we have our own marmot weather-predicting woodchuck. >> tia: buckeye xhuk is chuck
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nichole has a look at the unique festivities going on down there. did you ever get to talk to buckeye chuck? >> nichole: i've been chatting with him for the past half hour. he said groundhog is just fine. we've chatted the past half hour. buckeye chuck is bright-eyed this morning and he's ready for his big day. we've been talking. if it does not look like a shadow or feel like it, it's probably not a shadow. we want the early spring, right, right? sure he turns away from me now. uh-oh. there he comes. how are you doing, buddy? he's been predicting the spring since 1979. that's when he became the official state groundhog, 37 years prognosticating. that's a big word. 70% is his accuracy rate,
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been a little iffy, 0 for 2 predicting an early spring. we hope for the same prediction this year and hope he's a bit more accurate. the guys at wmrn radio hosting the big event. they stream live from 7:00 to 8:00. they stream live on iheart radio and on their web channel. buckeye chuck, the big moment is 7:41 at sunrise. we hope for a little cloud coverage then so he dent see his shadow. we're live in marion all morning long on this groundhog day, nichole vrsansky. back to you in the studio. >> tia: what does buckeye chuck say? i'm done. i had to. >> brian: thankfully you're done. >> tia: come on. >> brian: what does the fox say. >> tia: it's 6:14 in the morning. people want to have a good time. come on. >> you're hitting my mic. watch out. >> tia: what do you think, six more weeks of winter?
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it hasn't felt like winter. i'm going with no winter this year, we're done. >> tia: is somebody talking to you in your ear? >> samantha: i hear sound. >> brian: i said earlier i was having a stroke. there's voices in my head. >> tia: stop saying that. >> samantha: maybe it's the voices in your head. the forecast for today, this is mine, not chuck's. we will get his prediction in just a moment. 28 at 8:00 in the morning. so definitely feeling every bit like february this morning. it's chilly out there. 38 at 10:00, and then we really warm up. noon 44, and temperatures through the afternoon in the upper 40s, and then tonight we climb into the low 50s. you all better keep it down over there. so we're going to become windy through the day as well, and we'll have a mix of sun and clouds. really nice weather for today. tonight this is the time period that we need to be weather alert. the forecast for tonight, rain
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tonight may gust up to 40 miles per hour. if you have anything light or loose in your yard like a trash can or trash can lid, anything like that, you want to secure that this evening before it becomes your neighbor's tomorrow morning. you might hear a little bit of thunder tonight. i want to take you through the forecast model and show you when the rain arrives. here's 4:00 and things are looking good. even on the drive home tonight, you may see a little bit of sunshine. after sunset we're all fair game for rain. this is 6:00 out to the east we're still dry. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 there comes the rain, and it may be heavy. again, this rain may come down at a good pace from time to time tonight. it will hang around through the early morning hours of tomorrow. this is 5:00 in the morning. and then by mid to late morning i think we're going to start to dry out. we might even see a little bit of sunshine around midday. a good indicator that we're going to have drier air moving
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but that drier air also is going to come with cooler air. here's what we're talking about. 53 for a high tomorrow. now, that's going to happen around mid-morning before the rain stops, and then once that rain moves out, the temperature will drop into the 40s through the afternoon. we get colder air coming over that unfrozen lake. there's like no ice on lake erie, so we've got a chance for lake-effect snowshowers late wednesday night through thursday. we think right now that any accumulation would be pretty light, little if anything. we don't really have a lot of moisture to work with, but, of course, we keep a close eye on that. then we round the work week on a dry note. look at your weekend in a few minutes. laura. >> laura: we have no major accidents across the area to report right now. you're looking at the main map we start off with, the wide map showing a look across the entire northern part of our area. i-90 is looking good on the west
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lorain county area. as you continue into cuyahoga county, 60 miles per hour. up to speed the whole way. look at the east side. route 2 is 50 miles per hour and 60 miles per hour on i-90. that's perfectly norm. if you're headed up route 8 through cuyahoga falls, keep on going through stowe 65, 55 miles per hour. no real slowdowns there. 65 miles per hour over on i-77 northbound. so you leave akron, head on towards our northern parts of our area. brecksville through independence, over 480 and up towards 490 and towards downtown on time the entire way. the slowdowns, well, they're not nonexistent yet. 28 minutes from mentor and eleer yeah to cleveland is 27 minutes and 57 minutes from canton. we look at the east side from the mentor commute in 10 minutes. guys. >> brian: snow white and the seven dwarfs coming out on digital hd and blu-ray for the first time today.
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apples. we team up with chef stephanie to make a kid friendly recipe, little apple bites. it makes me hungry. >> whether you think of snow white, you think of apples. celebrate? >> let's make little april pell bites that they can do little apple filling wrapped up in puff pastry to put in their bask and tempt someone with. we're going to saute in a pan, and this is something that grownups can do and have their kids help by putting things into the pan. we have granny smith apples. we throw those in there. >> okay. >> we add a little bit of granulated sugar, about a quarter cup and vanilla extract going in for extra flavor. pumpkin pie spice is cinnamon, cloves, ginger. you can make this apple with cranberries or raisins. i wanted to to be super kid
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cherries in there. i have here as well which will go in is a little bit of corn syrup. the apples release a lot of liquid. we want it to be a goo. >> how long do you want it to cook down to a goo? >> maybe 10 to 15 minutes at the most. you take the wonderful cool filling. work with the pastry cold. from there we cut out little bits of it. this is something the kids can do like cut out circles. >> you guys can help us take turns cutting out a hole. >> push down really hard and wiggle a little. let's see some wiggles. good job, guys. >> use your magic power, princess. >> perfect. you've got it. look at you. good job! you guys made perfect circle. i love them. now we fill them with our filling. so we take this egg, which is just one egg scrambled with a little water, and put it on half our circle.
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in the center of our circle. then we close it over. now, we could leave it like this, but it's going to puff up on us and it might open. we're going to take a fork. >> look at this, girls. we need your help with this. >> that's awesome. you squished that down perfectly. how did we do? >> that looks beautiful. a little more egg wash on the outside of it. it keeps the outside nice and moist. we put this in the oven preheated to 400 degrees. so we'll put them right into the oven 10 to 12 minutes. in the movie they sing "whistle while you work." can you whistle like that? can you whistle? >> yes. >> try it. >> don't those look good. my little snow whites, are we ready to taste our desserts? what do they taste like? >> i'm nervous. >> how did chef stephanie do? >> good.
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full. princesses do not talk with their mouths full, do they? >> tia: i think they were rendered speechless it was so good. >> brian: they looked good. >> tia: didn't have many words. what do you say? i think jen should have brought some in. this has to stop. time is 6. 22. speaking of food, if there's pizza at your super bowl party on sunday, there may be gold in the pepperoni. >> brian: i'd go for a piece of pizza. >> tia: really? too early for that.
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>> tia: if this music doesn't get you moving, i don't know what will. it is 6:25 on your tuesday. it's a beautiful day -- it's
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i just want to sing to you this morning. hopefully you enjoy it as we look at the feazel roof cam looking east towards csu right down chester avenue. i don't see many cars in sight. a new cell phone is hitting the market and it's designed for young girls. you're looking at the hello kitty phone. the feline-shaped flip phone offers wifi, 3g connectivity and bluetooth for 100 bucks. the hello kitty flip phone is available come april. i don't know how i feel about that. five days from super bowl 50 here on cbs 19. of course, we're talking cleveland 19. to celebrate the game pizza hut is giving away 50 stuffed garlic pizza with edible gold shavings on top. only 50 customers will get these, and it has a $100 gift card to pizza hut.
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row after a loss in head coach terron lou's first game. they're against the pacers always good at home. they haven't won in indianapolis indianapolis. k love had 19, and final score in o.t. 111-106. good win. tough place to play. fans love the pacers there. they're always in the game. so that's a nice win. >> tia: tomorrow they play in charlotte. >> brian: the hornets. >> tia: the hornets. i had to think about it. time is 6:27. if you're just waking up it took almost all night to declare a winner in what turned out to be the closest democratic vote in iowa caucus history. k-9 tuko, its his first day on the job. we'll tell you what he's up to
6:25 am
>> brian: good morning. thanks for joining us at 6:31. we're trying to piece together the details that led up to a wrong-way crash on 71. two people tragically killed overnight. >> tia: the iowa caucuses make history. the republicans have a clear winner. the democrats, oh, boy, not so much. >> brian: this is a live picture now from punxsutawney, pennsylvania. settle down, sam. today is the day we find out what's going on there? >> tia: she's singing. come on. listen in. >> brian: it's the national anthem.
6:26 am
miss pennsylvania. >> brian: we're going to find out how much more winter we have to endure. groundhog day has arrived. miss pennsylvania. >> tia: it was just like so cold. you could see their breath just billowing out of their mouths. we'll see what happens. we'll have live pictures from pennsylvania and a live report from marion, ohio where buckeye chuck will make his prediction as well. good morning. it's tuesday, february 2nd. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. they probably had enough winter out west. seven states are affected by a major winter storm today. this thing is massive. this is video as the storm moved through arizona. the good news here is this storm system is heading our way, but it will only bring rain to northeast ohio. our meteorologist sam roberts is in the first alert forecast center with all the details. this thing is a monster, sam. >> samantha: it is. >> brian: just in shear size. >> samantha: it's big. >> brian: holy mackerel.
6:27 am
there's 1800 miles of winter weather alerts, but we're on the warm side of things. so just rain here at home. forecast. that storm will have no impact on your drive to work. now, your drive home, there may be some light rain around, and moment. here's the morning commute. low impact weather-wise. temperatures in the 20s. kind of a mrend of -- blend of suns and clouds once the sun comes up after 7:30. there's not much happening out there. we have some clouds moving into the western half of the forecast region, but clear sky out to the east. here is that big storm stretching all the way from the plains down into the mid-south and back into the four corners. i mean, look at all that snow through omaha into iowa, but hre at home as we talked about, just rain as that moves in later today. we are on the warm side of things, and look at how warm your forecast is for today.
6:28 am
the 40s, so if you're working outdoors, great weather for you. tomorrow things are changes. we'll talk about it coming up in a few minutes. laura, how are we looking on the roads? >> laura: looking not too shabby at all this morning. right now you may see early commuters or maybe you're getting ready to head out the door and jump in your car and head into work. if you have, it's a good time to go because you're not dealing with traffic battles out there. in fact, my traffic cue is pretty slight. there's no reports of any new construction or accidents or broken downs out there. that is good news on tuesday morning. 77 at fleet right there looking good. as we look across the wide map, the only spot with the yellow is the early morning spot where we see 22 miles per hour, 71 northbound just swinging through the metro curve. over on the east side, i-90 and route 2 look good. nothing but green lights down route 2 from mentor. you're all green. all the green arrows move along well towards the city of
6:29 am
look at the drive times. 28 minutes from mentor, 28 minutes from elyria. akron to cleveland you're right on time. we're looking at the strongsville commute at 6:48. as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa! >> tia: it's never been this close in iowa. clinton wins the caucus by less than half of a percentage point. >> brian: that's right. the final results not final specifically until about an hour and 15 minutes ago for the democrats. this ends much closer than anticipated. >> tia: here are the official final numbers by percentage. clinton gets 49.9% while sanders gets 49.5%. as for the republicans, a huge victory for ted cruz. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> brian: the junior senator from texas wins the republican caucus in iowa. this comes as a surprise to some, because the polls showed donald trump as the clear
6:30 am
>> tia: the final voting results for the gop in iowa, cruz wins with 28% of the vote, 4 points higher than donald trump and a close third place finish with 23% of the vote, florida senator marco rubio. q. mccray joins us now. the reaction appears to be mixed over these results. >> q.: that's for sure. ted cruz and marco rubio are confident about chances now while donald trump feels he's be the eventual nominee for the republicans. on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are both celebrating this morning. >> what iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution. >> i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america. >> we're all sovereignty resides in our nation by we the people, the american people.
6:31 am
want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> q.: marco rubio's finish is better than expected. as for ohio governor john kasich, he grabbed two% percentage points in the iowa caucus. it's now on to new hampshire where kasich expects to do very, very well. bernie sanders leads considerably on all the polls on the democratic side. the new hampshire primary is on tia. >> tia: this is just the beginning of the long campaign for 2016. you can follow our continuing coverage on the cleveland 19 news app. it's a free download right in the app store. we sent this story out as breaking news as an alert on that cleveland 19 mobile app. people in the village of brewster in stark county were able to return to their homes last night. they were evacuated when two train cars carrying hazardous materials jumped the tracks here town. hazmat crews cleared the area
6:32 am
in lorain county we know the elyria. police found their bodies inside sunday night. so far there are no arrests. >> brian: in an interview with, mayor frank jackson would like voters to approve a half a percent income tax increase. the move on the november ballot would create an extra $83 million. if it fails, the city may be forced to lay off workers and make cuts to public services. like we promised, our cameras were rolling during k-9 canton. >> doing good work. >> brian: davis will be in training for about 12 more weeks now before joining the other seven canton police k-9s. tuko will learn how to track criminals and specialize in narcotics detection. >> tia: when you see red it
6:33 am
that's why terminal tower is shrining in scarlet today for heart month. if you haven't kicked off the new year getting healthy, now is the time to do it. it's heart health awareness month and 30 minutes of exercise is good five days a week to keep the heart going, but it may not be enough. stretching, taking a dip. >> bend your knees, fingertips on the ground. put your right leg back all the way. keep your knee over your ankle. >> tia: typically people kick into high gear at the gym in january. if you've been slow-going, this month is the time to get moving. >> i think the most important thing is to get started. >> tia: february kicks off heart month. keeping your heartbeating healthy is key. exercise is just a part of that. >> i think the minimum requirements we should get is 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise. we want to do that at least five days a week. >> tia: the more active you are, the better it is for your
6:34 am
you burn calories, lower your cholesterol and book the good cholesterol. dermott, a cardiologist with the cleveland clinic, says there are things you must check so you don't overexert your heart. >> knowing what your blood pressure is and knowing what your cholesterol is and fasting sugars are are all important. if they're elevated, talk to your physician about how to optimize those. >> tia: another tip is do what you can. if you're at the gym and see someone swimming faster than you, don't challenge them to a meet. your workout should fit your lifestyle and health. you're not even really moving. i've been pedaling for real. he's so -- he's not being honest here. come ing up at cle43 we're hitting the bikes at 7:00 a.m. to show how to maximize your target heart rate. do you think you can do it? >> brian: we're going to pedal for the next hour and 20 minutes without stopping.
6:35 am
today's the day. punxsutawney phil will tell us if we can plan for an early spring. >> samantha: the next two days feel like spring, but that was not the case a year ago. look at this. a year ago today, our high was 29, and our low was 4 degrees and we'd already picked up over 40 inches of snow. this year we've only picked up about 8 at the airport in cleveland, and your high today in the lower 50s. a total turn-around, right? speaking of groundhog day, nikki, what are you and chuck doing out there? >> nichole: who needs punxsutawney phil when you have buckeye chuck. there he is. today is his big day. will he see his shadow? we hope not.
6:36 am
>> brian: the party is on at gobbler's knob evidently. taun daing punxsutawney. he'll tell us six more weeks of winter or if we're going to have an early spring. they're doing some picking. >> tia: i'm loving it. >> brian: it soundses good. of 6:45. punxsutawney phil is not ohio's most trusted whistle pig. >> tia: nichole vrsansky is in marion where we're waiting for buckeye chuck and his forecast.
6:37 am
groundhog watch right now? >> nichole: the people are starting to arrive and festivities kick off at 7:00 this morning. we've hung out with buckeye chuck all morning long. we have the no shadow early spring talk. buckeye chuck is doing his spring predictions since 1979. that's when he became the official state groundhog. look how cute he is. so 37 years of predictions with a 70% accuracy rate i'm told. the last two years have been a little rough, 0 for 2 the last two years predicting an early spring and not exactly happens. the festivities start at 7:00, to in a bit. people are already starting to arrive. there's a concession stand in the back, and i'm told the big tradition here is free spam sandwiches all morning long. why spam you might ask? well, they say because it's ground hog.
6:38 am
also handing out free iheart buckeye chuck t-shirts for the first 50 that bring nonperishable goods, and there's a lot of love for this guy over here. he has his own facebook page. almost 2200 followers, so a lot of love for buckeye chuck down in marion, illinois. the big moment is 7:41 when the sun comes up. sunrise is when he makes his prediction. live in marion, nichole vrsansky, cleveland 19. back to you in the studio. >> brian: do you think buckeye chuck has groundhog envy when it comes to punxsutawney phil? >> tia: probably. a whole band comes out. i would be kind of envious. >> brian: punxsutawney phil is the beatles and the buckeye chuck is the bee gees. i don't know. >> tia: someone is going to hit you up on twitter now. >> brian: i love the bee gees. >> tia: how dare you say that about the bee gees.
6:39 am
>> brian: i was trying to make an analogy there. it didn't work out. >> samantha: you're right. he's america's groundhog. he's the ultimate groundhog, right, in punxsutawney. we love our buckeye chuck, so we'll see what he has to say later on this morning once the sun comes up. no wonder they see their shadow. you get these camera lights in their face. of course, they're going to see the shadow. sun or no sun. we're in the 20s this morning. i think we'll see some sun once it comes up anyway. it's 24 elyria, norwalk. good morning to you. worcester is 23. warren, ashtabula, mid-20s here. cleveland, akron, canton also in the middle 20s. dover, new philly waking up in the low 20s. so it's a little chilly outside. it feels every bit like february, but later today is when we see those warmer than average temperatures. okay. so no rain out there this morning. a dry start. we do have clouds moving in from
6:40 am
these are mainly higher-level clouds that don't produce any rain. we'll see some sun getting through through the first part of the day. our highs happen later today, so through the afternoon we're going to be in the 40s, but by the evening commute that's when we finally climb into the low 50s. it's a nice drive home for you today, but rain will move in after sunset. it's going to be breezy through the day as well. and then downright windy for tonight. we've issued a first alert outlook for tonight all week long we've been talking about this chance for showers. we've been talking about it since last week. we're going to have rain after sunset, and thunder, too. rain may be heavy at times. 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts are possible tonight. with that wind and rain, of course, that may slow you down as you try to get out and about tonight. so if you work a late shift or are out very early tomorrow morning, be aware that the weather will not be very nice. it won't be very nice early tomorrow mornin either as we'll have showers around through
6:41 am
most of that should be pretty light, breezy, and mild. we'll get up to about 53 mid to late morning, and then the numbers will fall through the day after that rain moves out. we're going to be in the 40s by tomorrow afternoon. so for the next we'll say 48 hours, it's going to feel pretty good, but tomorrow afternoon things start to get cooler. it may get cool enough that we get some lake-effect late wednesday night and through the day on thursday. right now accumulations on thursday are looking pretty laura. >> laura: we're going to take a look at this. there's an accident on i-271. this is right aabout broadway. i don't see any slowdowns in the area either direction right now. we see green both north and south both directions, so i don't see it causing major issues towards rush hour. it's about ten minutes away when we start it off. look across the wide map here. more slowdowns backing up more 11 miles per hour as you pass by the steelyard. just all typical for this time
6:42 am
it's tuesday morning and a lot of people hit the road out on the road already. we're about to pick up in traffic. across the rest of the map, though, we look up to speed. a lot of green out there. 65 miles per hour on i-90 in lorain county. as we look across the west side a little closer, we look at 60 miles per hour through cuyahoga county and lakewood and in downtown cleveland. you aren't really slowing down there. 480 looks good across town. all the commutes look pretty good. 26 minutes from strongsville right now. it would be slow from areas like north olmstead and other areas that use that 480 and 71 section in the morning. tia. >> if you like wine and chocolate, i know it's early, but this one is for you. kit kates come in a wine flavor. before you get too excited, this is only in japan, but there could be hope that it makes it to the states. the candy is designed to leave a taste that mimics the mellow flavor of japanese rice wine.
6:43 am
>> tia: you're not feeling it? >> brian: i think i'll just have a glass of wine instead of that. you think that will go over? marketing in japan is obviously a little different. >> tia: i don't know. time is 6:52. we show you the predictions of buckeye xhuk and punxsutawney phil in the 7:00 hour on cle43. >> brian: next, a grew up local college students get a chance to attend the super bowl, and they get valuable work experience as well. fe a cd so comg on on abra cahealt ins few as twond aalf ys wn
6:44 am
wo immiate tolockhe vus a proct healy ces.. dot toh itut, knocit o, fa.
6:45 am
now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> tia: a group of 31 students are super bowl bound. >> brian: they're excited. this morning students, faculty and members from the sports management program are leaving for santa clara. students are looking forward to the game, but they're going to
6:46 am
and they're excited for their hands-on experience. >> gains experience to put it on our resume and say, look, we had all this experiment. we worked the super bowl and we're not afraid to work bigger events. that's what i think is important. >> brian: great program for them. good luck to them, too. a lot of work. remember, cbs is your home of super bowl 50. carolina panthers are 6.5 point favorites over the denver broncos. we have it all covered here on cleveland 19. you ready to make super bowl picks yet, or will we wait until later in the week? >> tia: charlotte. >> laura: i like peyton, but -- >> brian: i think either way it's a great story. cam newton is the next guy. he's the next great player. he already is. then there's peyton manning who could walk into the sunset. how about those pants he wore? what was going on with that?
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